NEW: Documentation - LensAlign & FocusTune

The latest information about our LensAlign MkII and FocusTune™ Hardware and Software Autofocus Calibration Systems is always posted here first. Also, this is the place to ask all of your questions.

NEW: Documentation - LensAlign & FocusTune

Postby MichaelTapes » Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:59 pm

Here is a list of the latest documentation for LensALign and FocusTune. We plan to make additions periodically. Subscribe to this thread to receive an email when additional documentation is published or updated.

Video Documentation

Why Aren't My Images as Sharp as I Think They Should Be? 4:32 (updated Feb 4)

LensAlign + FocusTune Methodology - Soup to Nuts Overview 4:17 (updated Feb 26)

Online & Printed Documentation

Click for FocusTune User Guide, Downloads, and Resources
Click to Upload Files to Michael Tapes Design

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